1) What we Do

CameraKids Photography specialises in delivering photography sessions to primary school children. We usually work after school (generally between 3.30 and 4.30) and visit each school for a ten week series of sessions. The children cover two creative projects during this time and take home a total of FOUR final “creations” they have made using their photographs. In the past we have made mobiles, photo key rings, slideshows, You Tube videos, Calendars, Christmas cards and fridge magnets to name but a few!

As well as working on a creative project the children also take part in fun photography challenges, scavenger hunts and games. These are all designed to develop the children’s looking skills, foster creative thinking as well as develop an understanding of camera techniques and composition.

But above all CameraKids is about having fun and making pictures. We want the children in our clubs to enjoy picture taking and learn the skills that will set them off on a life time of photographic enjoyment.

The club leaders provide all cameras and materials and we generally run the clubs with between 10 and 15 KS2 age children in each. We make sure that each week the children see and discuss their work from the previous week and work hard to ensure that all children, what ever their ability, make progress and enjoy themselves. The leaders themselves are fully CRB checked and are frequently teachers or professional photographers and all have a passion for teaching photography and passing on their skills.