3) A Typical Session

All of our group leaders are fully trained and follow a structured outline throughout each term as well as in each individual session. We generally cover two creative projects per term and the children bring home two “creations” per project. Past projects have included Light Trails and Ghosting, Up Close and Teeny Weeny, Photo Identity, Stop Animation, Arty Abstracts and Freeze Frame Story Boards.

Typically in a session we will:

  • Register and say “hello”
  • Do a quick warm up photo challenge eg. “Photograph something red, white and blue looking upwards” and\or
  • Learn about and practice a photographic technique eg fast/slow shutter speeds
  • Look at and discuss a slideshow of images taken at the last sesssion
  • Work on the current project
  • Do a photographic game eg photo hide and seek and/or
  • Take part in a quite plenary activity eg talking about a particular image
  • Leave the session together and be paired with parents/carers/signed out

We make the sessions as fun as possible and foster a safe and caring atmosphere where the children are supported in exploring their creativity and imagination. We also have clear educational aims and cover a wide variety of technical photographic and visual techniques and encourage the use of technical visual and photographic vocabulary. Each of the projects is supported by looking at the work of established artists and photographers and often their work is used as a visual starting point.