4) The Experience

We like to think of our photography clubs as being unique and enriching experiences. Here are some of the key benefits to our children:

  • CameraKids stimulates and develops the imagination and refines cognitive and creative skills.
  • Develops problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Fosters a sense of team work and the ability to set and achieve personal goals.
  • Develops self confidence, self discipline and self awareness.
  • Nurtures a child’s ability to verbally ¬†and visually express complex thoughts, feelings and concepts.
  • Introduces children to different cultures, viewpoints and traditions

Many after school clubs are sports based. We are one of very few arts based activities and also one that appeals strongly to boys. Our clubs generally have a roughly 50/50% boys/girls mix and are a great way to encourage boys to explore their creativity and imagination whilst still appealing to their more technical “cameras and gadgets” side!